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The B-tox Facial

...A Secret Weapon for Radiant Skin...

Young Model
    Every student will need to pass our final exam and preform case studies upon satisfactory completion and before graduation. The qualification is a diploma and is accredited and insured with ABT.
    Small class sizes allow the instructors to spend time with every student, answer any questions, and revisit topics as needed. Classes are kept to a maximum of 4 students, ensuring you receive our full support and attention throughout the entire course.
    PMU Training Every student will receive a professional kit that includes everything you need to start practising and working on your own clients. 1. PMU Machine. 2. Power supply. 3. Set of Cartridges. 3. Set of Pigments. 4. Applicators kit. 5. Fake skin practice materials. 6. Brow and Lip design pencils. 7. Mapping Tools. 8. Pre and After Care kit (Antiseptic products, healing ointment, pre-after care instructions). 9. Ink holders, and pigment cups. 10. Manual book. 11. ABT Insurance discount Brow Masterclass KIT NOT INCLUDED and CAN BE PURCHASED UPON REQUEST
    Yes, to secure your place in our Beginner Training Course a deposit is required - £500. The payment is non - refundable. To secure your place in our Masterclass a deposit is required - £200. The payment is non-refundable. Free interest finance is available, please contact us for more details.
    You will be given a fundamentals beginner manual of approx 10 hours pre-study so you are ready for your practical learning. The questionnaire is also required to be completed and submitted before you attend your training.
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