Tattoo Equipment

Basic Permanent makeup Course

6 intensive days will cover:

- induction, health and safety practise, client care and working in pmu industry

- theory of medical aspects in pmu, learning correct sketching, techniques in details

- pmu machines, needles, pigments analysis

- practise on latex, hand position, speed, patterns in different techniques

- the principle of building a symmetric pattern


-Photo manual

-SOS technics

Why choose the PMU training

Are you ready for new path in your life? if  YES, so you are in the right place! During these 6 days you will learn everything you need to know in order to create perfect eyebrows, lips and eyeliners.

Our goal is to help you achieve results right after completed training and life time post-training support.

What happens during training

During the training you will learn:

- how to preform different shading techniques on different skin types

- transition from light to dark, soft and smooth

- how to achieve the most realistic result

- the training is covered in theory of colour that will allow accurate to choose correct one and predict residual shade in the future.

- during the training a demonstration of all techniques

- 2 models of each zone and full support

Do I need previous experience?

You do not need previous experience, every student has to start from the basic level, whether you are advanced beautician, bank manager or have no previous work experience.

How fast I can return my investment?

Value of Basic Course £4500

Earning from treatment £200 - £350

One treatment a week - return in 1-3 months

How big the classes during the training?

Classes are kept to a maximum 3 students, ensuring you receive our full support and attention through out the whole course.

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